Biggest losing day?

I remember my biggest market losing days vividly, both very different experiences. My first one and more painful one but not for the reasons you may think, was when I was about 19 or 20, I was a working actor in LA, I had very decent saving and I had a money manager. I had done well trading for [...]

What to buy the man who has everything?

What to buy the man who has everything? Appeal to his playful side with a luxurious boy’s toy. From handcrafted board games and collectable puzzles, releasing your inner child has never been so stylish   1. Collectable Puzzles by [...]

What A Time To Be Alive -By Morgan Housel

What A Time To Be Alive John D. Rockefeller was the richest man the world had ever seen. But for most of his adult life he didn’t have electric lights, air conditioning, or sunglasses. And he never had penicillin, sunscreen, or Advil. This is not ancient history: One in twenty Americans were born [...]

Is Knowledge is Power in 2017?

I Used to think “Knowledge is Power”… then I realized only applied knowledge is power… or so i though.   I’ve come to the conclusion that in this Information Age the true power is the ability to think critically decipher excess information, apply what you need and keep going. [...]