I Used to think “Knowledge is Power”… then I realized only applied knowledge is power… or so i though.   I’ve come to the conclusion that in this Information Age the true power is the ability to think critically decipher excess information, apply what you need and keep going.


[knowledge is Power? continued]

I was 20 or so, building my career in Entertainment and I was in Manhattan as a producer of a film project, I had Started “All Things Hollywood” at 17 or so and was considering going to Business school. I was talking to a friend and Ivy League professor about my goals and he quickly stopped me mid sentence regarding my plans of going to school of business and he told me something I never forgot.

When people went to Ivy League Schools, they never went to schools of business, they went to study English, History, Theology and learn to master the process of critical thinking and then went into business with the abilities to learn, adapt and innovate with the fast pace work of business… Business Laws will always change, new corporate structures will appear, LLCs, Series LLCs, C- Corps will change etc. Critical thinking amongst other things are the reasons people aspire to go to Ivys.” …Yale was more or less founded on its Divinity school program

This really got me thinking ever sense, we live in the “Information Age” there is no shortage of information knowledge and recourses, at least in America and in 2016-2017 we have the rise of “Fake News” but what is “Fake News”  Republican or Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or Progressive… how did we land in an America where this concept is always trending? What are the implication of such a phrase? What is “Fake” and what is “Real” and whether you believe one side or the other, both sides imply the other is lying, misrepresenting etc.. and more important/concerning one is suggesting the other has a huge following of uninformed/ingnorant/Dangerous following. Are we on either side close minded or have we been so overloaded with information that we simply have forgotten how to think?

Is applied Knowledge alone still power?

No matter how we feel about the 2016 presidential election we “know” both side of most arguments.. we all know we want a healthy America but do we have a “Health Care” crisis in America or do we have a “Health” crisis in America. Sure we “know” to be a fact that most first world countries in the world have some sort of health care for its citizens.. we “Know” our education system could be much better, we “know” we need to be educated and what I Know is that the Devil is in the Details… A Mentor of mine ones told me “The difference between 100,000 Dollars and a 1,ooo,000 Dollars is one Comma, its all in the Details”  which brings me to a simple but I think powerful point, Do we have a “Health Care” Crisis in America or do we have a “Health” crisis in America. I think we have a “Health” crisis in America as the underlying problem and the “Health Care” crisis is a derivative, so what is our real concern? Whether we should have the ability to choose between health care providers and let competition drive the market of supply and demand or should the government do it for us and/or give everyone access? Or are we more concern of our heath and staying healthy… or doing the best we can to stay healthy. There are no guarantees in life but odds are, If we eat burgers and ice cream every day we may develop some unhealthy conditions VS. say a plant based diet. Are we as a society very well informed but stuck with the inability to think critically? Are we as a society systemically asking all the wrong questions because we are taking everything at face value? Does anyone ask how did America become so unhealthy?

We “Know” there are corporate subsidies, but did we ever think of why, and what are the implications of them in our personal lives? We “Know” corporations employ people and most would rather work for private corporations than for the DMV. I Like the ability to choose to bank between JPM Chase, BoA, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and if I don’t like the practices of one i can move to another and not just be stuck with USPTO if it where per say exclusively ran by the government… I’m not opposed to corporate subsidies in a lot of ways but we also don’t live in absolutes. We “know” that eating “McD” can often be cheaper than eating at “Whole Foods” but do we think about “Why”? Why might we be subsidizing McDonalds and not, lets say “Whole Foods”? Have we as a society been conditioned to think in absolutes? If this is the case who is capitizing from this? Is it by designed or by accident?

There is a 3rd component I’d Like to add to my “Knowlege is Power?” Food for thought. I am an outcome and goals driven person much like Tony Robbins teaches.. There are too many things in my opinion that we “Know” but how do you use them productively while getting you closer to your goals and dreams as well as doing something for the things you are passionate about.

I am of the school of thought that you “cannot” fill anyone else’s cup until your cup is full… or “should” not, I guess I should say because you certainly can, or try to altleast and draining your own recourses. So my advice to you is,

1) Think about the information presented to you, Consider the source in relation to the subject matter, (I Would never take relationship advise from some of my options trading mentors and vice versa) and ask your self what their motive might be and do so more with cautious optimism, (if you are always looking for the worst in people that’s what you’re always going find, and wouldn’t recognize an Oppurtinuity if it hit you in the face.)

2) have your end goal in mind and table all the things you cannot immediately fix, circle back if you’re passionate about them and get to your dream destination first, you should only [in my opinion] give back from a place of love, care and abundance… not do for the less fortunate to feel better about your life.

3) be or carry yourself from the or as the person you want to attract, (I’ve had many people help and mentor me because they knew I was coming from a good place and I used the power of words [I Asked] for their opinion and advice and I think many saw themselves in me) there is a lot more competition in being mediocre than there is in being great.. game respects game and is attracted to in my opinion. There is some truth in “Pay it Forward” there is a reason It Isn’t called “Pay it back” and when I hear that it usually implies revenge. I’ve done many things to help people just because they asked.

4) Respect yourself and your time, only then will you respect other peoples time, you will eventually reallize time is your most valuable asset because you cannot get it back… If you are at a point where this doesn’t make much sense to you than reach out to your role models, invite them out for dinner of coffee, be mindful of their time and eventually you will realize the practical value of time.


Thats it for now, Thank you for reading and your comments would be very appreciated. I am still learning and evolving and there is a strong possibility many of my views will grow and evolve with me… my goal is to create a powerful community where we all grow and understand each other (not necessarily agree, but try to atleast try to understand each other so we may proactively and togather Begin to solve the challanges in the world around us in a solutions based manner… because your dream destination is where your life truly starts.. you will have everything you always thought you wanted but maybe didn’t think about what you would do with that after… your dreams today is your barrier of entry tomorrow… and your God is calling you to unlock all the potential he has given you and the creativity he has given you for you to achieve it.