That Is for the most part the philosophy I live by, especially in my correlation between trading and Fitness. The financial markets in my opinion are the heartbeat of the western world, and the candlesticks are the market’s pulse. Every fear, hope, impulse and human emotion is depicted in the candle sticks, after all news doesn’t move price only human perception of what a stock is going to do is what moves the stock, when there are Zero willing buyers a stock goes down and only when there are zero willing sellers does a stock go up. Stocks stop falling or rising when it hits a huge stack of unfilled buy or sell orders, usually from an institutions but that is something you and I can control, we can only control what we do, what actions we take and how we react…. which brings me to my next point,

When it comes to our own trading and investing, our fear of loss, greed, procrastination, impulses, hopes, overconfidence and how well we can follow rules become magnified and the results of our emotional stabilities and tendencies are depicted Live in green or red numbers… when I comes to trading and investing and more specifically becoming a successful trader or investor It is my personal believe it is more like a journey of personal development with an extraordinary compensation plan if we stick to the journey, however most do not. Once you figure out your strategy, assuming you are following a proven method of your choice especially on the technical trading side its all about your trading and investing discipline from that point.

For example I only Take trades that are on the technical side 3:1 Reward to risk ration and that is a minimum, for example if I have a Buy order for AAPL at 100 Dollars, the chart leading indicators of my choice must call for A STP at 99.00 and a profit taker at 103.00. Stop losses and profit takers should never be an emotional threshold meaning If I only want to loose 100 dollars per my AAPL trade and the chart is telling me that 99.00 is an appropriate stop loss then I should buy 100 shares, with a STP at 99.00, not try to beat the market or be greedy and buy 200 shares with a STP of 99.50 I only take trade set ups where the chart provides appropriate reward to risk ratio and then adjust my position size. I follow a very specific rule based strategy.

If you, like me are a technical trader and have your rules set up it is for many human impulse to take profits early because one may be afraid the profits will turn, or move your stop losses hoping it will turn around or buy at market (which I never do) because you may feel you are missing momentum all which may be inherently against your trading plan, I am of the strong philosophy “Plan your trade and trade your plan” and if you fail to plan then you plan to fail especially in trading.

So to make a long story short and going back to the Title I think most of our trading journey like our life journey is overcoming mental barriers, like in fitness, like in collage, military, diet, and even relationships. Surviving winning and thriving in our field and our immediate environment is a lot in my opinion the great part of our human experience. If you took an impulsive trade think of how many times you ate an extra slice of cake, or said something to a loved one you impulsively you shouldn’t have or regretted later, my point is we can all overcome those things and I think its a matter of discipline, and at least for me the best way to improved my disciplinary skills has been thru fitness, and Forex, mainly because in forex you can control how much you want to risk in a trade set up down to the penny. I Don’t think I learned anything practical in college but what I did learn was systems in disciple to stick something out till the end and that in my opinion is more of a character defining choice than it is a practical asset.

anyway I would love your Feedback on this!
-Ruben Landon Dante