What makes the Difference between a self made 6 figure earner and a self made 7 figure earner? In the world of Trading, Network marketing and Real Estate you have very clear systems in place you scale your trades, you scale your team or you scale your properties so a steady growth in those sectors should more or less always be taking place, there is of course the time value and turn around time required to scale in your specific sector, Trading and investing is probably the fastest to scale followed by network marketing finally making Real Estate in my opinion the most stagnant and illiquid of the financial freedom assets, although I’m not too keen on network marketing either;

The concept of network marketing In my opinion is inherently brilliant, I think it is however in practicality it can be very tricky to navigate because there is little to no oversight compliance and it is very easily to in good faith be overly optimistic or manipulate and fabricate figures with little or no repercussions, there is little accountably to tell the truth and a lot of hope-ium, the company isnt yours and you will likely never control the evolution of the compensation plan however if you can navigate past those murky waters, I think you can encounter great success, personal development and a greater concept of success that maybe you previously didn’t envision possible. I think to succeed in the network marketing world a high degree of critical thinking is required but it can be done and much respect to you if you are currently on that path. Likely hood is though if you are on that path you are also navigating other avenues of financial freedom as although I have had some success in the network marketing world I am much more known in the financial investment world.

this is where the point of this article comes into play, If you are trading with a proven strategy and finding success, or you are building your team in network marketing or you are looking to do an exchange from an 8 unit apt to a 12 unit apt what are your more successful peers around you doing that you are not. If someone in your world acquired any kind of success in your field in a similar circumstance then you can too, but what are they doing different? this is where my love for the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson Comes into play. the compounding effect of a committed uninterrupted effect of an hour a day or your 1% a day towards your goal and however that may be feasible in your schedule. That Follow up Call, as I’m sure you know in real estate and Network Marketing, Fortune Is in the follow up, or getting up an extra hour early to review your potential trading set ups, maybe running that extra mile when you think you may be exhausted, that extra push, follow up or trade could be your big win, and that extra push on a compound rate will ultimately compound your goals find the extra stratosphere of success.