So Many people, in fact I would dare say most people that have looked into the Stock Market have an Idea on When they want to buy or sell a stock, Asset, Oil Etc, But have no Idea exactly how to go about doing it themselves, Where do they buy them at? how to place the order, etc. and some that have studied options, futures, stocks etc, know the strategies that they want to use but have no idea how to implement them of what platform to use.
Because of all of these issues, and questions I’ve made a video on exactly how to set up Interactive brokers and exactly how to use the basics!

There are many reason I Prefer to use Interactive Brokers first and foremost you can trade All Asset classes with one principal account, Meaning with a principal with say 10,000 USDs (which is the minimum to open an account with them as it presently stands if you are over 25 year of age in the US and 3,000 if you are under 25) you can trade stocks, bonds, futures options with those 10,000 dollars which is a big advantage against someone like say “Trade Station” where the accounts are segregated, so you will need an allocated amount for just options, allocated amount for just futures and allocated amount for stocks.

How does this apply in the real world? Well the minimum amount of money required to day trade stocks in the United States is 25,000 USDs with someone like TS, they would prefer you have 28,000-30,000 to make sure you do not fall below the threshold of 25K, so lets say you are trading stocks while you are trying to learn options or futures, you will need 28-30K in your Stock account Plus a minimum of 5k for your options account brining your total starting minimum to 32,000-35,0000. if you are an all asset trader that goes up to around 40,000 just to power up.

With IB you can manage and trade all assets with one pool of money, meaning a 25K account with IB you can trade options, futures, stocks seamlessly as long as you keep up your margin requirements. Then there are also the Scottrade TD Ameritrade Think or Swim Etc. (TOS also allows you to trade all assets with one account and that does include Forex as well with IB let go of starting September 1st 2016 in the United States, However you will pay about 7.00USDs in and 7.00USDs out per trade meaning weather you by per say 1 share of AAPL 10, 100 or 10,000 at a time you will pay 7.00 dollars to buy and 7.00 dollars to sell which is much steeper than Interactive Brokers’ 1.00USD in 1.00USD out up to roughly 1,000 shares, IB charges .005 cents thereafter so if you are buying 1,000s of shares a stock than TOS might be a better fit, but most beginners are not buying in those volumes unless you are scalping (more on scalping on a later article)

Interactive Brokers Does have a learning curve that is allegedly much steeper than say TOS, but A) if you are reading this you probably know my work and I have one of if not the most comprehensive video on how to use Interactive Brokers, and the link is below and B) It is my opinion that no one begins a trading journey because of the simplicity of it, so if it is something you will endeavor into, why not learn in on the platform that the professionals are using, that is your goal after all, It’s kind of like learning how to Drive Automatic and then switching to stick shift later, VS learning stick shift from the get go, time wise is just about the same learning curve but you know how to do it right, more efficient on gas and you will never have a problem with Automatic. It is my experience in the students I see and work with that once people get comfortable with an easier much more expensive platform, they wont jump to a much more dynamic and cost efficient platform no matter what the upside may be. Furthermore if you want to grow into a hedge fund and accomplish big dreams and goals IB has a seamless measure for suck goals!