Maybe Voting Donald Trump For President Vs. Hillary Clinton ?

Any Thoughts on ‪#‎NeverHillary‬ ‪#‎BERNorBUST‬?

So Hillary now Hires a Man who ruined the life of a woman Anita Hill to spend 1,000,000USDs on Online Trolls, As if it wasn’t bad enough for her supporters that she is the Candidate the Koch Brothers are now inclined to back.” I Didn’t have much of a problem voting for her, but its clear she will say and do anything to appeal to whoever is listening. From Fracking, to Anti-gay to Pro Gay, Prison Industrial Complex and on and on and on, she’s inherently contradictory NOT So much on Speech but IN ACTION.

People say the same thing about Donald Trump, BUT Donald Trump Hasn’t built a platform on assumed Good political sound track record… IMO Trump doesn’t have to Believe anything, he could have no option on anything BUT I can Trust Trump to Hire someone who does. He has been Gay friendly WAY BEFORE Hillary and way before it was popular, BUT HE IS RACIST? Is he Really? Because it is the role of An American President to Protect AMERICAN CITIZENS, not ALL in the American Borders, I AM Mexican, Spanish is my FIRST LANGUAGE My Parents Came FROM Mexico, They ARE LEGAL, My dad is MIDDLE MIDDLE Class AND HE IS Bing affected by (COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE)

AS all of YOU SAG-AFTRA member are Loosing Competitive advantage to Non union work in ATL, Louisiana Etc.

Same applies, Guess What, Jobs that don’t require a specialized skill go to the LOWEST TAKER, and as supply and demand goes, as long as there are unemployed and underemployed people no open will pay you 15.00USDs an Hour ( I LOVE BERNIE, I DO) but let say those who are employed get 15/h Those who are unemployed and underemployed will have to compete for housing with those making 15USDs/H, Income Gap will Widen Further. Not to mention foreign Investors Buying and holding empty American Properties. Under Donald J. Trump 0% small Business LLC, S-Corp corporate Tax, I can Hire American Part Timers Over India or Philippines.

Any Thoughts on #NeverHillary?

“David Brock has launched Barrier Breakers — an online mob of paid trolls designed to attack any and every person who says one cross word about Hillary Clinton on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere.”