Ruben Dante, Ruben Landon Dante
Ruben Dante, Ruben Landon Dante



Moving to Los Angeles in the Mist of the Financial crisis was very difficult to say the least, I was 17 years Old and my parents had just about gone significantly underwater with my fathers Real Estate properties. I Had Gone to New York the Previous year and did some work on NYC At 16 and had an Agent Lined up for when I moved to LA, I was very lucky for that at the time. I had done some hosting in Houston, Fashion work, the Latin Grammy’s and moving to LA was part urgency and part desperation. In my school years growing up I had grown to become increasingly popular but life at home wasn’t easy and a lot of my life was falling apart. I came out to LA with my parents to “visit” but when we landed I made it clear I was not going back Emancipated or otherwise.

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We found a studio to live in out here in Burbank and my mom moved with me, we didn’t always have enough for food and Sleeping on a futon, it was a far cry from the days of a Huge master Bedroom with Parties of over 100 people, and a life of for the most part unrestricted access, but for the first time in my life I was happy, happy to be in a place where I could do anything I set my mind to, a place where I could live without fear or judgement even though I had no significant martial possessions, It didn’t matter any more, the void those possessions filled where for the most part gone. It was a strange  feeling really, for so long those material possessions where my comfort food, every argument my parents had, every time I heard verbally abusive remarks it was compensated with thing, I believe we call that now retail therapy. The crazy thing is, I didn’t really know I was miserable… or mistreated but I wasn’t anymore. I believe, we become liberated from our demons inlayers, we don’t really know what’s on the other  side of happiness if we don’t remember happy and we can’t miss what we have never really experienced. Anyway days scarcity didn’t last too long, I was soon working on a MTV show booked a few commercials.

One of My Favorite shows that I got to Work was Pair OF Kings on Disney, I got To Learn A lot about how stunts work, Teepee a castle and arrows, it was an awesome few weeks!

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I have to admit I was and continue to be very lucky and I’m always opened to opportunity so I’m good as seeing them as they come my way. My father Found a job, (he had his own business his whole life) and was making ok money, He came back to visit for the Holidays I believe this was 09 or maybe 10, much of it is a blur now, but things where not good and he pushed me over the limit again, Maybe it wasn’t so much him, it was everything, at the time it still felt like there was much discrimination in Hollywood, even though I was working, I always heard comments and remarks, (We’ve come a long way from 09 in Hollywood and have a long way to go) But this time I ended up in the Hospital So… I guess I’m a Suicide survivor, It feels weird to write it. My father went back to Houston a few days later and the Dark days At least from what I remember where mostly over.

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I channeled All of my passion for equal rights, Protecting actors, filmmakers, helping LGBT talent make it in Hollywood and I. joined the SAG New Media Committee, Latino Committee and Missed out on the LGBT Committee application but non the less I was active, It was then that I created what it now All Things Hollywood. A friend and I came up with a concept of a platform that would help actors Navigate the challenging world of Hollywood as I was trying to figure it out with them.


All Things Hollywood, Then Hollywood Blast was a directory to help actors weed thru the Legitimacy of Acting Classes, photographers workshops, agents by fair market value pricing, agents that where register with SAG, AFTRA of NATR, as it grew in Popularity and I was coming closer to producing original content, I woke up in the middle of the night and came up with the name All Things Hollywood. It was after all the end goal.

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A Streamed lined company that would coordinate and balance the price of acting classes, photographers, workshops, of the bases of supply and demand and stabilizing class’ pricing based class capacity, closing pricing gaps and maintain an orderly pricing model as well as a comprehensive model for talent to successfully navigate seeing all the concerns from the inside of SAG now SAG-AFTRA.

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Soon After I shot a few productions and submitted to a Few festivals (many festivals) as well as volunteering at many, I experienced politics and procedures that I wasn’t crazy about to say the least… Many of these activities where not ok, at the very least not fair and the officers, for the most part that I saw, had no business running a festival, let alone judging films, many had no experience working in content creation and had where more concerned with the egos and IMDb’s Star meters. I Contacted IMDb’s Premier Festival Platform Withoutabox and petition to start All Things Hollywood Film Festival, which was approved after submitting much paperwork and constructing guidelines.

Ruben Dante All things Hollywood


I’d Always Studied Business law, and grew up studying many of the business luminaries and continue to do so as you can see from this website, in addition to the study of film, filmmaking, directing, acting, camera angels, producing and at the time 18, I was pretty proficient in the world of film and business. It was then, that ATHFF Really Took Flight first year with a Few hundred submissions we screened at the world Elite “American Film Institute” and sold out tickets. This was also now a great platform to catapult Minority and LGBT Talent in Hollywood, from Actors to Filmmakers and everything in between…. It was a This Point I started my Financial Investment Journey.