Trading the Markets in something that I am truly passionate about, to me the world markets is the heartbeat of the western world. Every fear, phobia, anxiety, hope human vision can be depicted in the markets. People hope for a clean energy future and space travel, Tesla (TSLA) rises, Doesn’t Matter the overpricing or evaluation, People are fearful of an Oil over supply and it will drop to ridiculously under priced levels.

My point is, War, politics, economic conditions, weather etc. doesn’t influence the price of a stock… only perception influences price.

When I was 17 and first moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment I got lucky with booking a few commercials after my parents had just lost much of their worth and we almost lost everything. I moved to LA from Texas and I wasn’t going to go back no matter how had things got in LA. Point is, I had to figure out survival ship. I was always a cup half full kind of guy, so I took the Money I made and threw it into the Markets and I got lucky, I got a 500% return and was instantly hook.

Why didn’t everyone do this? Why didn’t my parents do this? Why did they Loose everything? I knew there was a lot I didn’t know, and I was obsessed to learn how the world work, TV and Film is the only way I knew up until that point to become great, I life not worth documenting, to me, wasn’t worth living… I wanted to help the world become a better place and I had to start somewhere, I figured acquiring cultural currency was the most efficient way, But now everything had changed.

All These Financial Billionaires, and millionaires knew things, a lot of things I didn’t know, and that I don’t know still… but ill be damned if I didn’t do everything in my power to find out how Billionaires Happened, how movies are made, who funds them and how does money buy influence… It wasn’t about the Money, it was about getting money out-of-the-way to live on purpose! Getting Lucky had just opened my world to a whole new realm of possibilities and I needed to know how I got lucky, what I did right and how to duplicated, because if I can’t duplicated it, luck means nothing.

That is how I Ended up at a Private school that focused on the technical analysis of the markets, how do that big banks do it, where do they buy where do they sell, and that was just the beginning… The Leveraged markets blew my mind, Leveraging 50:1 in the Forex market and it being the largest market, and Futures contracts where 3,000 moved 90,000 and you’re in and out in 15 minutes was something I had to learn, It was so Liquid, it was so Fascinating and it required so much emotional composure. It was about acquiring massive amounts or money, it was becoming the person that can responsibly handles that money, because if you don’t become that person who can, you will lose all that you acquired.

that is where it all Began.

-Ruben Landon Dante