Ruben Dante has been politically active from the age of 17 serving in the Screen Actors Guild Spanish Media Task Force committee, New Media Committee, and involved in Local Politics in Los Angeles For 13th district City Council Running mates, and continues in his political efforts to keep entertainment jobs in Los Angeles as well and Businesses and Productions and is one of All Things Hollywood’s Primary task. In Addition His Company All Things Hollywood Co. is a part of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Ruben Assists the Economic Development Committee at the Chamber.

At the first All Things Hollywood Film Festival, hosted at The American Film Institute prior to the SAG-AFTRA Merger (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artist) ,He Worked hard with the two Unions continuing efforts to promote the merger and Held A SAG-AFTRA one union booth and discussion at the Festival as well as representatives from SOPA (Stop online piracy act) and PIPA at the festival in his continuing efforts to stop the Piracy and stealing of intellectual and creative content hindering the film industry.