Ruben Dante and All Things Hollywood Film Festival, is now truly unlike any other festival we know of. We are not just a festival; we are a network consisting of one of the largest directory databases of Hollywood Entertainment, We Produce, sponsor many industry events and mixers, and we keep all films submitted in mind for ALL project we work on, Including (other festivals, Themed events, Non-Profits Etc.) we remember and keep track of all films submitted and constantly pitch them. The festival Targets a Up and coming crowd and true future Hollywood moguls, as we work hard to make All things Hollywood not only the festival, but the company the next Hollywood sensation. All Things Hollywood puts all the talent, the filmmakers, Screen Writers, actors, directors and producers first; to us Its not about the money, It is About the brand. We will maintain All Things Hollywood Co with Dignity, Class, Style and Exposure that makes Hollywood a worldwide dream and helping Make film dreams become a Hollywood reality as we move Forward with The All Things Hollywood Movement. Our mission is to expose them to your target audience and Clients of your Genre in their hometown, Hollywood.